Trade Show Gamification?

EventGame is a comprehensive mobile application for exhibitions with smart built-in gamification features.

  • Complete functionality of an exhibition app
    (agenda, list of speakers, etc)
  • Bult-in Smart Gamification Module
  • Additional income from virtual exponents

Discover new opportunities

  • Go Mobile

    Get event’s own mobile app and take full advantage of modern technologies

  • Add virtual exhibitors

    Connect virtual exponents without having to expand the venue

  • Increase ROI 3 times

    Increases the exponents’ ROI up to 300% by streaming qualified leads to their booths

  • Compete professionals

    Organize industry-related quizzes among professionals.

Ignite and liven up the usually serious business public

For your event we create a unique industry-related quiz game. Professionals will compete for the title of the best expert, and novices will learn a lot of about their field of work.

  • Generate activities and fun
  • Create buzz
  • Teach novices important things about the industry
  • Reward winners
  • Organize onsite games
  • Amanda Smith The champion Recruitment Agency Expo 2015, London

    “It was difficult, but....I did learn a lot about what everybody else did! I actually enjoyed doing it, because when there were a few breaks it kind of filled my day.”

  • Nav Mann Group Event Director Recruitment Agency Expo 2015, London

    “The Quiz Game undeniably built company, brand and product awareness in all event participants, and gave them an enjoyable way to learn about one another...”

  • Sam Clifford The champion Recruitment Agency Expo 2015, London

    “The competition was a great success personally from the knowledge learnt about all the other companies at the expo. The momentum the quiz got from everyone at the event was fantastic and really helped everyone chat and connect!”

  • Jason Brown The champion Microsoft Convergence 2014, Atlanta

    “It is pretty good game! It is great experience and I've learned a lot!”

Find a new way to facilitate networkingwith virtual exhibitors

How many booths will fit in your venue? 10, 100, > 1000?

Imagine that the number of booths is not limited to the physical area of the exhibition. At the same time, each exhibitor has the ability to present his products and services, to provide contact information and to set up a meeting. Sounds good, right? This opportunity is provided by EventGame.

Both for virtual and onsite exhibitors, EventGame allows to:
  • - register their companies in the EventGame App
  • - upload the information about products, services, and company
  • - provide the opportunity to make an appointment at the exhibition
So, virtual exhibitors also get qualified leads and exhibition visitors can choose from even more vendors.

Increase exhibitors’ ROI up to 3 times

in comparison with the ordinary show

Participants are surrounded by solutions from exhibitors

How can participants understand in 30 seconds the main essence of the products being offered and the benefits these products can bring to their business?

Exhibitors need highly qualified leads

How can exhibitors inform participants about available solutions to their problems in a hassle-free, efficient and enjoyable way?

The industry-specific quiz game resolves the TradeShow Dilemma
Event participants play a game and learn about products and companies, including those that they may be interested in.
After learning about the necessary products and companies, they head straight to the booths of corresponding exponents.
Exponents get hot leads right at their booth

Gamification module for your existing event app

EventGame can be delivered as a comprehensive mobile app as well as smart gamification module integrated with your existing event app. If you already have a mobile event app we can seamlessly embed the EventGame powerful gamification engine inside it, and motivate your exhibitors and attendees to join, learn, and collaborate in an easy and enjoyable way.

A complete event app or embedded gamification module — choose your EventGame.

  • Features list
  • Quiz game
  • Leaders board
  • Questions archive
  • Agenda
  • Planner
  • Speakers list
  • Exhibitors list
  • Attendees list
  • Floor plan
  • Smart Gamification module integrated to your mobile app
  • Fully Functional Stand - Alone mobile app + built-in gamification

A complete app for events. Smart built-in gamification features.

How do we create industry-specific quiz game?

  • 1WaveAccess team analyzes all services and products presented at the event by all exhibitors to build a base for creating an industry-specific quiz game

  • 2WaveAccess team creates a special Event Quiz Game running on a web site and mobile apps for the Game Event

  • 3WaveAccess team provides a booth game for attendees thus attracting attention to the Event Quiz Game

Price Table

Service Packs are available both for Stand-Alone mobile app and Gamification module

  • Service packs:
  • Customizable design
  • Business analyzing and content creating service
  • Conducting live quiz game on the event
  • Light
  • Basic
  • Full